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    Our territory has a wealth of bio-diversities, landscape and historic-cultural resources. The main objective is to create a biological proposal that contains all the several specific territorial, environmental and historic-landscape features with a view to providing forms of tourism that respect the natural environment which are also integrated with the territory and its social-economic realities.

    Some of the rural experiences that you can experience by living in our territory are listed as follows:


    Harvesting of saffron and truffles

    During the truffle harvesting period, it is possible to take part in the search for and the harvesting of this precious tuber, that can be tasted at all restaurants. You will be accompanied by expert truffle diggers and their dogs, the trip into the woods in search of truffles blends excitement with enjoyment.





    Working in the fields

    The inhabitants are deeply-rooted in agriculture, in the ancient link between man and the soil that has always accompanied the birth and growth of the local communities. The living and working conditions of our forefathers re-experiences and maintained with great interest: this pre-requisite is essential because it helps us to keeping these activities alive in the memories of even the youngest member of the community. This highlights the importance of celebrations and initiative that tell of peasant culture: its fascination but also its difficulties and the fatigue involved.


    Experiences such as the sowing, harvesting and de-flowing of saffron, the harvesting of wild asparagus can be re-experienced in the suggestive hamlet of Goriano Valli (the hamlet of Tione degli Abruzzi) upon the premises of the agricultural undertaking Azienda Agricola Vigna di More, where it is possible to book an entire weekend with free board and accommodation and to play a leading role in these events.


    The harvesting of saffron is repeated every morning at dawn, before the sunlight makes the flowers open, for the entire blossoming period, between the second half of October and the first half of November. The work is carried out by hand and the harvested flowers are put in wicker baskets. The crop is then taken inside a typical house of this are where the deflowering process is carried out which consists in the separation of the stigmas from the stamens and from the bell-shaped flowers and these are left to dry by the fireside. This work is carried out by hand and it has to be finished before the end of the evening, otherwise the saffron risks becoming ruined and the day’s harvest jeopardised.


    Eco-compatible activities

    The St. George Convent in Goriano Valli, founded in 1610, represents a challenge launched by Legambiente that in 1998 took over the management of the 17th century conventual facilities, in order to transform it into a centre for eco-compatible activities for the Sirente-Velino area that is traditionally associated with rural economy. The complex is currently capable of hosting 64 people and the large rooms make it possible to carry out several different types of activity. Life has been restored to the convent which has become a hotbed for a great number of activities, seminars, internships, voluntary projects of different lengths. Here volunteering week-ends and summer camps are offered to carry out maintenance work on the building, the redevelopment of the garden and a wide range of activities to be carried out in the vegetable garden, activities to be performed in the surrounding area such as the path creation, poster designing, etc. The different activities include knitting or crochet, that for many years has represented one of the main female activities within an economy based on pastoralism and agriculture, it does not have the sole aim of handing down the knowledge of yesteryear but also of showing that it is also possible to carry out, even today, a sustainable economy in harmony with the external environment. During the long strolls in the areas surrounding the Convent, you can harvest plants that will then be used for the preparation of syrups, infusions, creams and liqueurs and you can find orchids, asphodels, violets, buttercups, mugwort, pasque flowers, gentians and many other flowers, plants and trees. Along the way you will learn how to recognise the traces and the signs that animals leave behind: wolves, bears, deer, wild boar, roe-deer, the eagles, falcons, nocturnal birds of prey that live with us in the woods and on the mountains of this beautiful Park.


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