No Warnings and notice


    A mini guide to know what to see and what to do ...


    1. The Stiffe Caves

    A cave of rare beauty in the heart of the Abruzzo region

    Where: San Demetrio de' Vestini ( L'AQUILA )

    Recommended period: in the period from November to April, because of the uncertain weather conditions, it is always advisable to call in advance.

    Opening hours: the Stiffe Caves are open every day from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm.



    2. Alba Fucens

    The ancient Roman colony

    Where: Massa d'Albe ( L'AQUILA )

    Recommended period: all year

    Useful Tips: we recommend a visit accompanied by local tour guides

    Info: Coop. Alba Fucens, Tel. +39 0863/449642 - E - mail: - Website:



    3. The Gorges of Celano

    The best known, wild canyons of the central Apennines

    Where: Aielli - Celano ( L'AQUILA )

    Recommended period: the route is to be avoided in case of heavy rain, during the thawing period and in windy weather, because there may be a danger of falling rocks.

    Curiosity : possible encounters with several species of animals including the Golden Eagle, the Eagle Owl, the Peregrine Falcon, the Wild Cat.



    4. Wildlife Area of Chamois

    Face to face “with the chamois

    Where: Oak Rocca di Mezzo ( L'AQUILA )

    Info: the wildlife area is adjacent to the Chamois Visitor Centre, the opening times are as follows: Christmas and summer: every day from 11 am to 1 pm and from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm; during the rest of the year: Saturday from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm.

    Upon request opening is guaranteed even outside office hours.


    5. The Pagliare

    An "ancient world” suspended between sky and earth

    Where: Tione degli Abruzzi and Fontecchio (L’AQUILA)

    Recommended period: Spring, preferably at sunset.






    6. Church of Our Lady of the Porclaneta Valley

    A splendidly isolated gem at the foot of Mount Velino

    Where: Rosciolo, hamlet in the municipality of Magliano De' Marsi (L’AQUILA)

    Opening: to visit the church one must contact the caretaker who lives in Rosciolo. For further information, contact the Park Information Point in Magliano de' Marsi.




    7. Fontecchio

    Splendid Medieval hamlet








    8. A slow horse ride in the Park between medieval villages and castles

    Where: in the Aterno Valley and along the Subequana Equestrian Park

    Recommended period: all year round







    9. Saffron de-flowering, take a dip into rural life

    Where: Tione degli Abruzzi, a hamlet of Goriano Valli (L’AQUILA)

    Period: October







    10. Sebastiani Refuge

    The best possible trip

    Where: Colletto Pezza (Mt. Velino)

    Altitude: 2,102 m.

    Recommended period: the shelter is open from June to September. During the other months, it is open upon appointment at weekends and on special occasions.



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